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Having introduced numerous professionals to the sector with a mission as the school of broadcasting in Türkiye, TRT has carried out 132 training programs involving 115 countries to date. TRT has shared its knowledge and experience with over 13,000 individuals, including more than 3000 media professionals. Now, this family is growing even larger…

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With nearly a century of broadcasting experience, TRT is one of the world's leading respected public broadcasters, producing numerous radio and television projects, hundreds of series, films, and documentaries, and organizing international sectoral events. Together with TRT Academy, this broadcasting experience in every aspect of the industry converges in a systematic, innovative, and pioneering platform open to anyone interested in amateur and professional learning.

At TRT Academy, you will access live lessons, podcasts, face-to-face and video trainings, as well as webinars on many topics related to broadcasting. To apply for media trainings and get information about the topics, please fill the form on the right.

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